Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My Telephonic Conversation With The Cricketing Legend - VVS Laxman

A dream come true! I finally spoke to the Cricketing legend  VVS Laxman. I had been pestering my mother for  an opportunity to say 'Hello' to him.On 3rd Jan,2014, I called my mom who was travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad with VVS Laxman and was aboard the flight which was about to take off. Mom suddenly told me " Here speak to Mr. VVS Laxman" and I was so stunned that I said " No Mom ". But mom said  "Speak" and I heard a very pleasant voice. Here is our conversation.

Laxman: Hi Adithi, how are you?
Me: Hi Sir, I am fine .
Laxman: How are your studies?
Me : Fine
Laxman: Do you play any sport?
Me: No,but I am interested 
Laxman : Which sport ?
Me: Basketball.
Laxman: Good
Me:Ya........ Sir, did you run the marathon in Nashik
Laxman: No, I didn't (laughing). Ok then, bye and good luck.
Me : Bye
My proud possession - Personally autographed bat from VVS Laxman
I was overwhelmed and lucky to have spoken to such a great person. He was so sweet. Now, I want to meet him!


  1. Glad you are happy :) and trust you will learn and be inspired to excel in all your pursuits!

  2. I like you Blog Adithi, keep writing and reading!

    Appi Aunty