Sunday, 12 January 2014

An Awesome Gift

Love you Mama and Mami and thanks for the wonderful gifts you brought for me; the most memorable and special is the personally autographed book "The Blue Umbrella" by  Ruskin Bond that you thoughtfully got for me from Dubai. (My uncle and aunt met Ruskin Bond at a Book Store in Dubai)

Ruskin Bond is my favorite author and poet. I have read his books and poems and simply loved them. My mom introduced me to Ruskin Bond by asking me to read his book "Collected Fiction". I especially like his short stories, The Woman on Platform No.8, Chachi's Funeral and The Story of Madhu.

I am grateful to have an autographed book of my favourite author, which is another of my prized possession. 

My English curriculum has a poem, Granny's Tree Climbing written by Ruskin Bond. He has written many books for children, some dealing with his own childhood , others dealing with the lives of contemporary Indian children.

Bond spent his childhood with his grandparents in their house in Dehradun, where he grew up in the company of a number of pets. He developed a deep love for nature, which is evident in most of his works.

The poem Granny's Tree Climbing has been taken from An Island Of Trees, which is a collection of short stories and poems dealing exclusively with Bond's love  for nature.

I wish I get the opportunity to meet Ruskin Bond Sir.

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